Say Goodbye to Menstrual Cramps with These 3 Natural Remedies!

“It's that time of month again where I HATE being a woman." 🫠 I said,


"Uterus for sale, who wants it?" 😭


And as they giggled hysterically, one of my friends commented,


"Let's make it a two-for-one deal, I've been meaning to get rid of mine as well." 🥲


But seriously...


Those cramps hurt so bad! 😞

 woman experiencing menstrual cramps


What's even worse is...


A health professor at University College London, told Quartz that when patients described their cramping pain...


They said it was 'almost as bad as having a heart attack.' 😰


It feels like you’re being repeatedly punched in the stomach from the inside out.


But those around you can’t understand because all they’ll say is, 'you’re being dramatic.'


So more often than not, you suck it up and put on a brave face.


And I know what it’s like suffering in silence, grimacing through the pain.


I still do! Even at 34. 😖


I've tried EVERYTHING from hot water bottles, Ibuprofen, and even microwaved rice packs.


And they helped a little...


But it wasn't enough. And even after years of struggling to find a solution, I had basically given up.

 woman going through period cramps while holding a hot water bottle


Until I discovered these 3 hidden gems that have helped with my cramps, and I hope can help with yours too ❤️:


  1. Drinking raspberry leaf tea. 🍵


Filled with a blend of fragarine, alkaloids, and tannins... Raspberries are great for treating PMS symptoms like cramping, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.


“Fragarine is also known to help tone and tighten muscles in the pelvic region. Thereby assisting with the cramps caused by spasms of these muscles.” Dr. Ramos, OB/GYN, confessed.


Which is a 'must' when your cramps want to act a little too rebellious.


And now many herbalists have dubbed raspberry leaf tea “the women’s herb.”


  1. "Why are my cramps never consistent?"


"Some months I'd be able to deal with it, and others, the pain is just unbearable." 😣 I told my gynecologist,


"Are you getting enough magnesium?" She said while she spun around her chair staring at her clipboard. 📋


"Low levels of magnesium can worsen cramps and many other period symptoms."


"That's probably why some months you feel like you're going through an exorcism."


"So listen, try eating foods high in magnesium, or if you want, take a supplement."


And lastly...


  1. As you know, an effective heating pad. ♨️


And not the outdated oversized pads where you have to untangle the cords just to plug it in. That's the old-school trend.


But instead, the newly upgraded pads with a track record of relieving period cramps directly.


Just like our Fanny Pad™!


It instantly⚡soothes period cramps. Giving you a warming comfort when nothing else seems to help. 🥹

 cordless heating pad for menstrual cramps and dysmenorrhea

And with 3 different heating gears & 4 levels of massage therapy...


It perfectly suits your needs for various situations.


From offering daily care to your womb. Special care during your menstrual cycle...


And relieving dysmenorrhea, according to thousands of women worldwide. 💑


“Bought it immediately after watching a TikToker rave about it. I’ve been wishing that my heating pad could travel with me, and now it can. I get terrible menstrual cramps and this helps so much. I was not disappointed!” - Dakota C.


“I did not expect this device to work so well. To tell you the truth, I forgot about it. Then I started cramping beyond all life known to man. I had already taken Advil😒, but my cramps were like, ‘You know what it is'.


Then I pressed the other button which heated immediately. Ahhhh 😌, it honestly did melt away. It subsided, but keep in mind cramps are evil 👿 so they were lingering in the background waiting for me to turn off the device (nope)..." - Marfeus R.


But this is not for everyone!


We all experience different levels of pain when our cramps begin to strangle our insides.


And if going through your monthly menstrual cycle is no sweat at all…


Then you don’t have to read any further.


It’s only for those who had that feeling where they wanted to spend the day in a fetal position because of the excruciating pain.


And if that’s you, being here isn’t a coincidence.


Because our pads use smart infrared technology.


Using heat temperatures from as low as 122° F to as high as 140° F.


Proven to help relax the muscles that cause cramping… 


And also improve blood flow to speed up recovery in the targeted area. 🧘


This means it's also perfect for back pain and muscle soreness.


And since our 50% off sale is ending soon, you can still get it for only half the price + FREE Shipping. ⭐


So if you're interested chop-chop! Especially if you're tired of dealing with painful period cramps month after month.


But before you go, I'm so glad you got this far, it's literally quite an accomplishment...


Because it tells me how important your health is to you.


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